Managed Accounts


Bank Cainvest provides managed account solutions in fixed income (managed by Cainvest) and Hedge Funds (managed by BPI). The assets are held in your account giving you full-transparency with regard to your investments.

Why Managed Accounts?

Bank Cainvest/BPI’s platform was designed to provide a personalized service to each individual client. The private banker will understand the client’s needs, challenges and objectives. Consequently he will offer the optimal solution by leveraging the wide array of managed account options offered by the Bank.

Financial Stability

 Wealth is precious and is attained through hard work and careful decision-making. Bank Cainvest’s primary objective is the preservation of wealth regardless of the current economic environment, with full transparency over the management of your capital, at any time.


specializationNowadays, the financial markets offer investors a vast number of complex instruments through which to deploy capital.
Unsophisticated investors lack the tools necessary to assess the true risks involved in most financial products.
Bank Cainvest Managed Account's clients benefit from a professional platform that targets an optimal portfolio on a risk-adjusted-return basis.

Expertise in Investments

 The bank leverages the expertise of Banco BPI and Cainvest International S.A., an asset management firm recognized by the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands that professionally invests in bonds issued by companies with solid business fundamentals and cash flow generating capabilities. Cainvest?s expertise in bonds offers investors an opportunity to invest in higher-yield instruments, while diversifying the default risk across many issuers. Furthermore, Cainvest/BPI has experience in investing with a broad range of hedge fund managers across the global financial markets and building a diversified portfolio. Hedge funds are able to capitalize on opportunities that other vehicles cannot, and therefore it is an important asset class in a client?s portfolio. However, hedge fund investing involves risks due to the lack of transparency and regulation, which Cainvest/BPI can effectively assess for its clients.


Bank Cainvest/Banco BPI understands its investors? needs for privacy and operates under strict standards of confidentiality.




Avoid the Risk of Going Solo

  • Taking precious time away from your primary business.
  • Making investment decisions without conducting the proper research and due diligence.
  • Paying excessive fees.

Time Constraints

 Running a successful business is a full-time job, and the same is true for managing one's investments. Limited amount of time creates a challenge for a businessman to prosper in both time-consuming endeavors. Bank Cainvest/Banco BPI 's clients benefit from a closely-monitored portfolio without compromising other pursuits.


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